659 economic and infrastructure plans and projects with a credit of over 4.4 trillion tomans, €16.7m and $22m were unveiled or started operation in Yazd Province.

Iran Press/Iran news: At a ceremony held late on Sunday at the Administrative Council session of Yazd Province through video conferencing, Hassan Rouhani ordered the opening of the projects.

The projects are in the fields of tiles, gas supply to industrial parks, metal smelting, pharmacy and food supplements, first phase of Khatam Al-Anbia Hospital in Abarkooh, agriculture, 130 new irrigation systems, phase 1 of Bafq-Zarrin Shahr Railway, completion of three motorways, increasing Chadormalu power plant capacity, 354 telecommunication projects, development of mobile phone network coverage and rural electronics services, gas pipeline project to steel industrial city, and sports and youth affairs projects.

During the ceremony, ministers and vice-presidents presented reports on the advantages and capabilities of the projects opened in different cities of Yazd province.

In another development, seven economic memoranda of understanding were signed between the Yazd Governorate General and the Innovation and Development Fund, Melli Bank, Small Industries Organisation, IMIDRO, Endowment and Charity Affairs Organisation, Fuel Conservation Company and National Environmental Fund.