Tehran (IP) - Judiciary spokesman Gholamhussein Esmaeili has called the US and European ban on export of medicine to Iran, a terrorist act against the Iranian nation.

Iran PressIran news: In his weekly press conference here in Tehran, Esmaeili answering the IP  question regarding the recent report by Human Rights Watch indicating that America's unilateral actions have caused the people of Iran not to have access to certain drugs. said: "The US and Europe have banned the export of medicine (especially for children and elders) which have targeted Iranian people. It is a terrorist act exactly, however, the imposed sanctions have led to flourish and blossom our science and capabilities."

"Fortunately, most of our demands have been met in the country. The head of the Judiciary in a recent meeting has asked a petition to international organizations to sue the case. A special branch in Tehran has been following and suing the US crimes against Iranians. The case also will be sued by the international organizations," the official went on to say.


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