Minister of Science, Research, and Technology Mansour Gholami has said significant numbers of highly educated Iranians who have completed their postgraduate studies in the world's top universities, returned home last year.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking on the sideline of today's cabinet session, Mansour Gholami referred to top Iranian students who are studying abroad, saying that due to increasing employment opportunities and financial incentives provided by the Islamic Republic, we experienced a significant proportion of our top students returning to Iran last year, Iran Press reported.

"Going abroad for study and scientific research has always been an option, but this does not mean that these students will not return to their home country, Iran, once they have completed their studies abroad," he added.

The official went on to say that the government tries to employ Iranian graduates and elites in highly-skilled, specialized and well-paid positions, solve their worries and putting their minds at rest about financial issues.

Science Minister Gholami stressed that top students going abroad for postgraduate studies and research are not a permanent arrangement and that many of them will return to Iran. However, he said, the country should pay more attention to them.


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