The British Parliament

The UK is set to go to the polls on 12 December after MPs backed Boris Johnson's call for a snap election following months of Brexit deadlock.

Iran Press/Europe: The House of Commons approved legislation paving the way for the first December election since 1923.

Boris Johnson won his fourth bid to go to the polls by 438 to 20 after Jeremy Corbyn declared that Labour would support an election as a “once-in-a-generation chance to transform our country”. The pre-Christmas vote will be the first December poll since 1923.

The bill is still to be approved by the Lords but could become law by the end of the week, BBC reported.

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson hopes the election will give him a fresh mandate for his Brexit deal and break the current Parliamentary deadlock, which has led to Britain's exit being delayed yet again to 31 January.

He said that the public must be "given a choice" over the future of Brexit and the country.

Speaking earlier in the House of Commons, Johnson argued that a “new and revitalised” parliament was needed to take Britain out of the European Union. “We are left with no choice but to go to the country to break free from this impasse,” he told MPs.

But he later struck a cautious note, telling a backbench meeting of Tory MPs that it would be “a tough election but we will do the best we can”.

In a move to unite his Conservative party, Boris Johnson decided to readmit 10 of the 21 MPs he expelled last month for defying his Brexit plan.


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