Head of the IRIB World Service has said an advantage of the IRIB world Service over all of our media rivals and competitors is that we can spread the global message of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, whereas non of our competitors are willing to spread this message.

Iran Press/Iran news: Elsewhere in his remarks, Peyman Jebelli said from a technical and financial point of view, IRIB cannot compete with the enormous budgets and state-of-the-art equipment available to Mainstream Western media, but we do have this special advantage that we can spread the global message of the Islamic Revolution which is attractive to ordinary people all over the world.

In further remarks, Peyman Jebelli praised the seven martyrs of the IRIB World Service, including Press TV correspondent Maya Nasser, a reporter in Syria, who was martyred while reporting on the ground, after he was hit by a gunshot bullet in 2012.  

Jebelli also praised Serena Shim, a PressTV reporter in Turkey, who was killed in a suspicious car accident. She had a major role in covering the news and reporting from Turkey, Lebanon, and Syria.

Also Habibollah Hosseinzadeh, a cameraman who was working for PressTV was martyred in a terror bomb attack in the Afghan capital of Kabul.

In concluding remarks Jebelli thanked all IRIB World Service staff and personnel for their tireless efforts, reporting news and events to a worldwide audience.


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