UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet has been slammed for a partisan report on Venezuela which makes no mention of violence by the far-right opposition to President Nicolas Maduro.

Iran Press/America: Despite her meeting with the grieving mothers of victims of opposition violence — including Ines Esparragoza, whose 20-year-old son Orlando Figuera was doused in petrol and burned to death by opposition supporters in the “guarimbas” riots of 2017 — Ms Bachelet’s report makes no mention of such opposition violence.

It instead relies on “unverified allegations by opposition politicians and advocates of regime change,” according to former UN special rapporteur Alfred de Zayas, Morning Star reported.

He said that anyone genuinely invested in alleviating Venezuelan suffering would be demanding the end of US sanctions.

He said the “fundamentally flawed and disappointing” report represents a missed opportunity to open channels of assistance to Venezuela, which he said “has requested and needs advisory services and technical assistance, but in good faith.” 213/

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