Sweden’s Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom, second right, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, left (Associated Press)

The foreign ministers of Germany and Sweden criticized the United States Tuesday for jeopardizing a decade of diplomatic efforts.

Iran Press/Europe: Speaking at a nuclear disarmament meeting in Stockholm, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom expressed frustration Tuesday over the possible demise of the Iran nuclear deal, while criticizing the United States for jeopardizing a decade of diplomatic efforts.

Swedish Foreign Minister said Washington's abandonment of the 2015 accord had been "very counterproductive" — threatening not just the Iran deal but the credibility of world powers in negotiating with North Korea, The New York Times reported.

Tehran has warned to also walk away from the deal on July 7 and resume enriching uranium in an answer to uncommitment by the western countries to their promises in JCPOA unless the remaining signatories — China, Russia, France, Germany and Britain — find a way to neutralize the effect of U.S. sanctions.

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On June 10, the Iranian Foreign Minister called on Iran's partners to act according to their commitments in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

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Maas and Wallstrom spoke after a one-day meeting on nuclear weapons ahead of the 50th anniversary the nuclear weapons treaty that took effect in 1970.

It gathered representatives from Argentina, Canada, Finland, Ethiopia, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. 213/214

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