The Deputy Chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Iranian parliament has said that Saudi Arabia and United States are partners in the myriad horrid crimes they are committing in Yemen.

Iran Press/Iran news:  In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Monday, Kamal Dehghani Firouzabadi stressed that Saudi Arabia and United States are part of a coalition in Yemen; a coalition which is bombing Yemen day and night, killing innocent women and children, a coalition which is bombing buses, funerals, weddings and hospitals in Yemen, a coalition which is committing war crimes in the true sense of the word in Yemen.

The senior MP added: "The Arabs have a proverb. And Adel al-Jubeir should know this very well. The saying is to throw ash in the eye of a person, meaning in order to conceal their crimes, they throw ash in the eyes. The Saudis and the Americans want to distract world public opinion from the horrid war crimes they are committing in Yemen, and the crimes they are committing in the occupied Palestinian territories."

Speaking on the sideline of parliamentary open session, Dehghani Firouzabadi added: "In all, they have started a psychological war against Iran. They are also pursuing the Iranophobia project. They portray Iran as a threat, but the reality is that Iran has never been a threat to anyone. In fact, Iran has always fought terrorists, terrorists who are supported by the Americans, such as the MKO. Terrorist who are backed by Saudi Arabia. In fact Riyadh has publicly declared that it supports MKO terrorists, financially and otherwise. America has long supported the MKO terrorists as well." 

In further comments the deputy chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Majlis said: "Creation of Daesh terrorists is another joint project between Washington and Riyadh. They helped Daesh terrorists to wreak havoc and ruin the lives of innocent people in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. They destroyed their homes. They destroyed hundreds of thousands of innocent lives in those countries."

Kamal Dehghani Firouzabadi added: "Daesh is a joint project between the Saudis, the UAE, and the Americans. They helped Daesh terrorists commit horrendous crimes in Iraq and Syria. But because they don't want world public opinion to realise what is happening, they throw some ash in the eyes of the world public as well !!"

He concluded by saying: "The truth is that America and Saudi Arabia are fundamentally brutal and uncaring regimes, they routinely flout international laws and breach international conventions and norms. Whereas the Islamic Republic of Iran works for regional and international peace and security." 211/105


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