21 April has been designated as the Day of Sa'di, the famous Iranian poet and writer who lived in the thirteenth century, and whose work is well-known and appreciated throughout the world.

Iran Press/Iran news: The poetry, prose, thoughts, and ideas of famous Iranian poet, Sheikh Mosleh al-din Sa'di Shirazi has taken root in lands far and wide. The famous Moroccan traveller and writer Ibn Batouta has written centuries ago that he once heard boatsmen in the town of Ging Tse in Western China reciting the poetry of Sa'di in the Persian language, indicating the fame and universality of Sa'di's poetry.

It is also true to say that Sa'di's famous Magnum Opus, 'Golestan', a collection of poetry and prose written by Sa'di, was taught to princes and kings in both India and the Turkish Ottoman Empire. His writings had a special status in scientific and literary circles as well as in Royal Courts of India, and the Ottoman Empire.

Sa'di's poetry has even been displayed in the United Nations Headquarters in New York, an acknowledgment of the world heritage status of his writings and poetry.