Iran's anti-narcotics police chief has stressed that the world takes notice and highly respects the Islamic Republic of Iran's strategies and policies in connection with combating drug trafficking and the drugs trade.

Iran Press/Iran newsBrigadier General Mohammad Masoud Zahedian in an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Tuesday said: "Iran's anti-narcotics police is very much the focus of attention internationally  since year after year we have discovered and seized more drugs and narcotics than any other police force in the world, making the biggest drug seizures in the world. Thus, our strategies and policies for combating drug trafficking are very much respected in the region and the wider world."

The head of Iran's Anti-Narcotics Police (ANP) referred to some vital cooperation between Iran and many European and Asian countries which had led to major discoveries of drug-trafficking networks abroad. 

There has been some joint cooperation, interest and information exchange between us and various European and Asian countries which has led to vital discoveries of drug-trafficking networks well beyond Iran's borders.

Elsewhere in his comments, Brigadier General Zahedian said there is a good connection and exchange of information between Iran's anti-narcotics police and our counterparts in other countries, and we have signed many cooperation agreements with other anti-narcotics police forces abroad.

Turning to Iran's neighbours, Brigadier General Zahedian said: "Also there is a close relationship and cooperation in combating drug smuggling and narcotics trafficking with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Qatar, Turkey, and Iraq even with some of the Persian Gulf Arab states, despite the fact that we have political disputes with some of these countries at times."  


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