Rome (IP) - Italy's fragile economy has put thousands of construction companies on the brink of bankruptcy due to high inflation and rising costs in all kinds of production.

Iran PressEurope: Hundreds of managers, engineers, and workers of construction companies in Italy protested in one of Rome's squares, demanding the release of frozen government credits and bank facilities.

Due to the budget deficit, the Italian government has significantly reduced the credit related to the construction sector, which has caused tens of thousands of people to lose their job.

"Unfortunately, the government's decision has caused many companies to be unable to pay their employees' salaries and with the continuation of the crisis, nearly one hundred thousand job opportunities in the sector will be lost, Luis Panesa, one of the Italian National Union of Construction Workers' managers, told Iran Press reporter in Rome.

Last year, the Italian government allocated significant credits intending to create job opportunities in the construction and maintenance sector, as well as in order to reduce and optimize energy consumption in residential buildings, but then cut it due to lack of funds and misuse of credit resources.


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