Niamey(IP) - People from different walks of life in Niger, including civil activists, celebrated the end of the French imperialist presence in Niger by gathering in front of the former French military base in Niamey.

Iran PressAfrica: According to Iran Press, the last group of French soldiers left the country forever on December 22, 2023, in a ceremony attended by Niger's top military commanders at the 110 Niamey Air Base.

On Friday, the people of Niger celebrated the victory of the complete military and political withdrawal of France from the territory of Niger with a large gathering in front of the former French military base in Niamey and expressed happiness.

Since last September, the people of Niger have gathered and demonstrated in Niamey, emphasizing the withdrawal of all French troops from their country, and this was achieved after four months of popular mobilization.

Several Nigerien people emphasized in interviews with an Iran Press reporter in Niamey that the complete withdrawal of France from Niger is a victory for all African people and the French military will not leave the territory of Niger without popular gatherings and demonstrations and finally the will of the people won.

Nigerians emphasized in these interviews that the celebration of the end of the French military presence in Niger is a symbol of the determination of the people of the country to defeat French imperialism and realize popular sovereignty in Niger.