Tehran(IP)-The spokesperson of the Iranian government reacted to the news release about the discovery of 66 mass graves of Canada's indigenous children on the grounds of boarding schools and called the move as a trace for more revelation on the west's killing of humanity.

Iran PressIran News:  Ali Bahadori-Jahromi, the spokesperson of the Iranian government, wrote on Twitter: "The effects of the killing of innocent children in the past years of the West are now being revealed one by one with the discovery of mass graves in Canada; the effects of today's killing of humanity in the anti-human culture of the West will be more visible for future generations..."

On Thursday, news sources announced the discovery of at least 66 unmarked graves of Aboriginal children in the province of "British Columbia" in western Canada.

These graves were discovered in the place where the native children's school used to be.

Aboriginal schools in Canada, which were created based on the "Indian Civilization Act" in 1819, and keeping children away from their parents and their culture and customs, caused the suppression of Canadian Aboriginal identity.

More than 150,000 Canadian aboriginal children studied in these schools, of which at least 3,200 died due to illness and mistreatment.

In May 2021, the remains of 215 children three years old and older were discovered at the site of an Aboriginal boarding school in British Columbia province.

The media recently reported that the Canadian government will pay $2.1 billion in compensation to survivors of indigenous communities who faced nearly a century of abuse in boarding schools.

This compensation was determined following the complaint of 325 Canadian indigenous groups and is supposed to be deposited in a non-transferable and independent fund of the Canadian government.


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