Tehran (IP) - In a situation where coronavirus affects all parts of the society, young and old, men and women, and by observing cases of children, the basic hypothesis of child immunity has been questioned; Can infected mothers breastfeed their babies?

Iran PressIran News: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Maryam Rahimi, a gynecologist at Shahid Akbarabadi Specialized Hospital in Tehran, answered questions about the transmission of coronavirus from mother to baby and the possible dangers for newborns.

Rahimi, while instructing pregnant mothers to strictly follow health protocols to prevent COVID-19, about the transmission of the disease from mother to baby said: "So far, no data on coronavirus transmission from pregnant mother to fetus and during breastfeeding has been recorded."

Affected mothers should not deprive the baby of breast milk.

She added: "The infected mother should disinfect her hands and wear a face mask while breastfeeding, and keep her distance from the baby while the baby sleeps and during non-breastfeeding."

The gynecologist also about the transfer of antibodies from a mother who became infected during pregnancy to a fetus stated: "No solid data have been recorded in this area, and except for one case that has been reported, it cannot be said with certainty that antibodies are transmitted from mother to infant."


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