On Monday, the White House announced that US President Joe Biden would veto a proposed standalone aid package for Israel. Meanwhile, House Republicans aim to tank a long-awaited bipartisan Senate border deal that would provide aid to US allies.

Iran PressAmerica: “The Administration spent months working with a bipartisan group of Senators to reach a national security agreement that secures the border and provides support for Ukraine and the Israeli regime, while also providing much-needed humanitarian assistance to civilians affected by conflicts around the world,” the White House wrote in a statement. “Instead of working in good faith to address the most pressing national security challenges, this bill is another cynical political maneuver.”

The bill, floated by House Speaker Mike Johnson last week, comes as the Senate’s $118.2 billion legislative package, which would give the president powers to significantly restrict illegal migrant crossings at the southern border as well as provide billions of dollars to Israel and Ukraine, faces mounting GOP opposition amid pushback from House Republicans and former President Donald Trump.

CNN previously reported that Johnson was planning to move a $17.6 billion Israel bill with no offsets, upping pressure on Democrats to support it, but it has run into some headwinds on the right and the left.

The speaker has warned that the Senate border package, which includes $14.1 billion in security assistance for Israel, would be “dead on arrival” in the House and it has drawn Trump’s public ire, casting doubt on the bill’s odds of ever being made law – even if it were to pass out of the Senate, which appeared unlikely as of Monday night.


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