Isfahan (IP) – The historical road of Isfahan, one corner of which starts from Si O Se Pol Bridge and continues to Chaharbagh, shows its beauty to every viewer and tourist in the autumn days.

Iran PressIran News: Contrary to the hype and lies of the western media, Si-O-Se Pol Bridge, with its traditional and beautiful architecture in the autumn afternoon of Isfahan, an indescribable silence, which is mixed with the pleasant song of a disabled boy, the sound of bicycles and the constant steps of passersby, portrays the tranquility next to the Zayandeh Rud River.

And today, Chaharbagh hosts its tasteful people as always.

The romantic steps next to the towering trees of Chaharbagh, the singing of crows and the constant silence of people record a heartwarming memory for every passerby.

Although a month has passed since the beginning of autumn, the trees of Chaharbagh are still embracing and not letting go of the hopeful green and yellow leaves.

Passersby and tourists patiently walk under the shade of hopeful branches, reading books and in short, they tie their romantic hands in the hope of realizing their dreams.

Pigeons also break the silence of Chaharbagh in their struggle to continue their lives and fly and soar when they hear the steps of young passersby.

This is the description of these days of the historical road of Isfahan, which hosts Iranian and foreign tourists and travelers every day of the year.


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