Police have arrested 19 people after they gathered at Sydney’s Port Botany to protest the arrival of an Israeli cargo ship they accused of transporting weapons and supplies for the country.

Iran PressAsia: Ports have emerged as the center of pro-Palestine rallies in Australia as protesters target Israeli ships, and vessels alleged to have links with the country.

Last week, dozens of people attempted to stop the ZIM Ganges container ship from reaching the Port of Melbourne, with police eventually deploying pepper spray to break up the blockade against a backdrop of shipping containers and cranes, the familiar symbols of a global industrialized world.

Dozens were arrested after the picket blocked access to the pier and forced the Victorian International Container Terminal (VICT) to close. Voluntary legal observers (MALS) accompanying the protesters say they were met by about 200 police, some of whom were on horseback.

Since its all-out war on Gaza on October 7, the Israeli regime has massacred 32,142 people and injured 74,412 others in the Gaza Strip. 

Nearly 8,000 people are still either missing or under the rubble. Also, 73% of the total victims of the war in Gaza are women and children.

Still, the Israeli regime's forces again attacked the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza early morning on Monday. They surrounded the hospital as hundreds of displaced people, patients, journalists, and medical staff were inside it.


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