West Asia(IP): With the martyrdom of four more journalists in the bombardment of the genocidal Israeli regime's fighters in the Gaza Strip, the number of journalist martyrs increased to 130.

Iran Press/ West Asia:   According to Iran press news Agency, the increase in the number of martyrs of journalists in the attack of the occupying Israeli army on the Gaza strip, while according to the report of the "Freedom Forum" foundation in Washington, during the six years of World War II (1945-1939), the bloodiest war in the modern era, only 69 journalists have died.

According to the report of this association, 63 journalists were killed during the 20-year war between Vietnam and USA.

Deliberate targeting of journalists and civilians is considered a war crime according to international humanitarian law, and journalists should be allowed to carry out their work and report freely without interference.

Another news is that the Palestinian media on Saturday reported the martyrdom of more than 10 Palestinian citizens in Gaza City due to the bombardment of the Zionist regime.

Also, different areas of the Gaza Strip witnessed attacks by the Zionist regime in the past hours.


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