Tehran (IP) - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, in his weekly presser on Monday, marked the anniversary of the return of the Prisoners of war (PoWs) to the homeland and highlighted the coup on August 19, 1953, as a shameful document of American and British interventions.

Iran PressIran News: Nasser Kanani said: "Iran and the great nation of Iran are the true and practical flag bearers of the fight against terrorism, and they paid heavy costs in this way. Iran and the Iranian nation are the biggest victims of black terrorism. We dedicated over 17,000 martyrs to the independence of the nation, and they are among the biggest victims of terrorism."

Kanani pointed to the 53rd anniversary of setting fire to the Al-Aqsa Mosque by the Israelis and called it another symbol of the regime's aggression and lack of adherence to moral, humanitarian and religious principles.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the diplomat expressed his hope that we will witness the success of the 13th administration in the one-year anniversary of this administration in office and added: "We had sanctions and regional crises and complex international conditions, but the adoption of a balanced foreign policy and intelligent interaction and dynamic diplomacy have their effects and has shown results in practice to a very significant extent."

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated: "The foreign policy of the administration is based on the neighbor-oriented and Asia-oriented policies, with an emphasis on looking to the East, as well as economic diplomacy, which were among the programs that the current government of Iran announced as the foundations of its movement, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs moved on the basis of the government's policies in this direction and based on the results we see good and promising conditions, and the results showed that the adoption of these policies was correct and wise, and we witnessed its good results in the economic field and the increase in the volume of relations and foreign exchange in relations with neighboring countries."

Kanani added that Iran's membership in some important regional organizations is the successful result of the government's efforts with some regional neighbors and partners in solving complex regional crises and managing cases that occurred in Iran's immediate regional areas which could cause challenges.


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