Tehran (IP) - Iran's Deputy Chief of the Army for Coordination visited Tehran's Military Museum of Sa'dabad Complex on Thursday, calling it one of the most exceptional to see the history of the Iranian's self-sacrifices.

Iran Press/Iran News: Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, paying a visit to the museum, elaborated on the military museum's importance, adding that it simply shows how the Iranian nation defended and stood against its enemies.

He added that the military museum also shows how the Islamic Revolution and the 8-year imposed Iran-Iraq war were shaped.

Admiral Sayyari called Iran's military museum a rare place to invite foreign tourists to see how Iranians were and are heroes for defending their country by sacrificing their lives.

Iran's Military Museum of Sa'dabad Complex in Tehran is a tourist attraction. 

The military museum complex in Tehran is geographically located in the central part of this magnificent complex. The building was constructed upon the order of Reza Shah, the first king of the Pahlavi dynasty as the residence of his second wife. 

The building where the museum is located is a two-story construction with a basement and is as big as three thousand square meters.

Later, the palace was repaired and allocated to another member of the Pahlavi family and named Shahram Palace. 

After the Islamic Revolution, the building was turned into the Military Museum of Sa'dabad Complex and before the establishment of the Holy Defense Museum, it was the only military museum in Tehran. 219

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