Tehran (IP) - The Information Center of the Greater Tehran Police Command announced the death of an armed villain in a conflict with the police in the Narmak area of Tehran.

Iran PressIran news: According to the Iran Press news agency, the Information Center of the Greater Tehran Police Command announced today, Monday: at 22:00 yesterday (Sunday, May 30), the police patrol unit, while patrolling one of the squares in the Narmak area, ordered a suspicious person about 25 years old to stop, but he ran away.

According to this report, when the police chased the fugitive, the arrest plan was immediately implemented and in the situation where the criminal was shooting at officers and passers-by; To prevent any accident for the citizens, the Police acted immediately and during the operation, the armed villain was killed in the crossfire of this armed villain.

Also, in the shooting incident last night, three officers of the Prevention Police of Greater Tehran were martyred, namely Captain Masoud Karami, Ehsan Monshizadegan, and First Sergeant Farzad Rozbehani.

It should be mentioned that weapons and quantities of ammunition were seized from this armed villain at the scene of the conflict.


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