Madrid (IP)- Thousands of people of Zaragoza, Spain gathered in the main square of this city and called for putting an end to the genocide of Palestinians and to deal seriously with the Israeli regime.

Iran PressEurope:While Israeli regime is preparing to attack Rafah as the last remaining refuge for hundreds of thousands of Palestinian civilians, thousands of people came to the streets of Zaragoza, Spain, support Palestine. 

Yesterday and today (On Sunday and Monady), the streets of this city witnessed the gathering of thousands of Spanish-speaking people with anti-Israeli signs that demand the condemnation of the Israeli regime. During these rallies organized by non-governmental organizations, people chanted anti-Israeli slogans in the main squares of the city.

The main demonstration was held in the city's Plaza del Pilar square. The people of this city called for an end to the genocide of people in the Gaza Strip through slogans such as "boycott Israel" and "liberate Palestine".

 some countries such as South Africa have filed a case against the crimes of the Israeli regime at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, demanding international condemnation for this regime. Nearly 30,000 Palestinians have been martyred in the past few months.

Currently, The Hague Court, in a temporary ruling issued to Tel Aviv in January, demanded to stop the killing of Palestinian people, but no serious action has been taken at the international level against the Israeli regime. 


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