Sana'a (IP) - The human rights minister of the Yemeni government said that America and other Western supporters of the Zionist regime are involved in the killing of Palestinians living in Gaza by sending weapons to this regime.

Iran Press/ West Asia: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Yemen's Human Rights Minister Ali Al-Dailami stated that the US's opposition to Russia's resolution in the UN Security Council to establish a ceasefire in Gaza showed that the US supports the continuation of the Zionist regime's crimes in Gaza.

"The missile that was used to attack Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza shows that the Americans are behind this attack," Al-Dailami added.

The Minister of Human Rights of Yemen said that the situation in Gaza has become dangerous due to the continuous attack and siege, and the stand of some Arab countries is hurting the cause of Palestine and provoking the enemies of Palestine.

The minister labeled the statements of some heads of Arab countries about Palestine as disturbing and a bad position and asked them to serve the cause of Palestine.


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