Tehran (IP) - Iran unveiled a new list of its sanctions against some of the EU and the United Kingdom Regime Individuals and Entities.

Iran PressIran news: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran following the approvals of related authorities and in the framework of relevant regulations and sanctions mechanisms stipulates the following Individuals and entities of the EU and the UK regime in its sanction list for supporting terrorism and terrorist groups, instigating and encouragement to terrorist acts and violence against Iranian people, interference in domestic affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, fomenting violence and unrest in Iran, dissemination of false information about Iran and participation in the escalation of cruel sanctions against Iranian people as economic terrorism.

The Islamic Republic of Iran meanwhile condemns the act of the EU and the UK regime for supporting, facilitating, and denying countering the destructive acts of aforementioned individuals and entities and that is a violation of international obligations regarding combatting terrorism, announces that the acts of those on imposing and exacerbating cruel sanctions are an obvious violation of fundamental principles of international law set forth in the United Nations charter.  

All relevant national organizations and institutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran, consistent with the regulations adopted by the related authorities, will take appropriate measures, which are blocking accounts and transactions in the Iranian financial and banking systems, blocking assets within the jurisdiction of the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as the prohibition of visa issuance and entry to the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran, for effective implementation of the above-mentioned sanctions.

A) European Union:


1. Frank Haun, CEO of Krauss-Maffei Wegmann military industry company

2. Florian Seibel, CEO of Quantum Systems

3. Christoph Otten, Chairman of the Board of ESG Company

4. Mrs. Ilana Cicurel, Member of the European Parliament

5.  Mrs. Dominique Attias, President of the European Law Society Federation, from France6. Eduard Lintner, a former member of the German Parliament

7. Martin Maria Otto Felix Patzelt, a former member of the German Parliament

8. Leo Dautzenberg, a former member of the German Parliament

9. Christoph De Vries, from Germany

10. Antonio Lopez Isturiz Whites, Member of the European Parliament

11. Uri Rosenthal, from the Netherlands.

Legal entities:

a)German-Israeli Society (Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft)

b) British regime:


1. Alan Mendoza is a Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Henry Jackson Society, UK

2. Admiral Benjamin John Key, one of the commanders of the British Navy

3. Oliver Westmacott, President of AEGIS

4. Michelle Russell, head of the Security Industry Authority (SIA)

5. John Tuckett, Head of The Immigration Services Commissioner

6. Laurence Taylor, Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the British Counter-Terrorism Center

Legal entities:

1. Royal Marine Air and Drone Center Culdrose (RNAS Culdrose)

2. National security support authority (dependent on 5MI)

3. The Telecommunications (Licensing) Regulations


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