The Russian Foreign Minister demanded the end of Washington's policy of maximum pressure and illegal sanctions against Iran.

 Iran PressEurope: The US is considered to be the biggest embargoing country in the world, which in line with its goals and interests has the most history of applying all kinds of sanctions against other countries.

The US sanctions against Iran are still being applied, while the officials of Joe Biden's government have repeatedly admitted the failure of the maximum pressure policy in recent months.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, on Monday, at the Moscow conference on non-proliferation, asked the United States of America to remove all illegal sanctions against Iran as soon as possible and to ensure the strict implementation of Security Council Resolution 2231.

Lavrov emphasized that such a move paves the way for Tehran to retaliate by implementing its voluntary commitments under the nuclear deal.

The periodic and regular meeting of the United Nations Security Council to review the fourteenth report of the United Nations Secretary-General regarding the implementation of Resolution 2231 and JCPOA is scheduled to be held on December 19. 219