Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Minister of Health says controlling measures have been taken in the Food and Drug Administration, and the ministry is just waiting for the insurance companies to be strengthened

Iran PressIran news: On the sidelines of the weekly cabinet session on Wednesday, the Iranian Minister of Health, Bahram Einollahi, said almost all of the Iranian people came under insurance services, except a few people, for free.

"at the same time that the incurrence companies are strengthened, they must cover the medical needs of the people," Einollahi said. 

He then told the reporters about the price of the medicines, saying the drugs imported to the country were subject to the global fees, adding that the imported drugs were about 3 percent, including the medicines for unique diseases and cancers, which were expensive.

With regard to the price of the domestically produced drugs also, the minister of health noted that the prices did not change from February. 


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