2.5 m Iranian students go schools after 20-month break due to COVID-19

Tehran (IP) - 2.5 m Iranian students will go to high schools after a 20-month stop due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Iran PressIran news: According to a decision made by the Iranian Ministry of Education, high-school students will participate in their classes three days a week, with all health protocols observed in the schools. 

The rest of the week also will be devoted to virtual education. 

According to the spokesman of the ministry of education, proper ventilation in the classrooms, proper distancing of students, and strict adherence to the health protocols in recreation and sports times have been among the strict instructions to school principals, 

Based on the pattern of reopening of schools, the secondary-school students also will participate in late November. 

According to the caretaker of the health office of the Ministry of Education, a number of 5,607,827 students aged 12 to 18 in the country have so far received the first dose of the corona vaccine.