Kabul (IP) - After the Taliban entered Kabul, many Afghans left the capital overnight.

Iran PressAsia: After the Taliban entered the presidential palace, the people of Kabul left Afghanistan from Kabul Airport on Sunday night for fear of future developments.

Earlier, many Afghans had withdrawn their money from banks.

The Taliban announced the end of the war in Afghanistan after entering the Afghan presidential palace in Kabul.

In the meantime, IranPress correspondent in Kabul reported that Taliban patrols were active in the Afghan capital on Sunday night while people were commuting freely and shops were open.

Taliban forces also took to the streets of Kabul on Monday morning to provide security in the Afghan capital.

The Taliban entered Kabul peacefully on Sunday evening, and after consulting with Afghan government officials at the presidential palace, President Ashraf Ghani left Afghanistan overnight from Kabul airport.


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