Defense Minister:
Defense Minister: Dena destroyer deepens Iran's strategic defense

Bandar Abbas (IP): Iran's minister of defense says that with the Dena destroyer joining Iran’s navy, the strategic depth of Iran in defending its interests in the sea has been increased.

Iran PressIran News: The Iranian Minister of Defense Brigadier-General Amir Hatami said: "The sea has provided unique opportunities for Iran in various fields, and with the Dena destroyer joining Iran’s navy, the strategic depth of Iran, where it defends the country's interests in the field of the sea, has increased."

Speaking during the inauguration of national projects of the Ministry of Defense on Monday where Iranian Dena destroyer and Shahin minesweeper joined Iranian navy units in an online command of Iran's president in the presence of navy and army officials, Brigadier-General Hatami said: "The Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys 2,500 kilometers of water border, especially in the south of the country where many opportunities have eventually been created."

He noted: "In the past centuries, not much attention has paid to the sea, but in the Islamic system, especially in the last two decades, we have been witnessing attention and development of good plans for it."

The Iranian Minister of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics, Brigadier-General Amir Hatami stated: "Thus, a new strategic environment is being formed, which requires increasing naval power, which requires a strong defense force and a powerful naval industry."

Hatami stated: “Not long after the presence of the Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Army in the Mediterranean, which attracted everyone's attention, today we see the presence of this force in more distant waters without mooring on the coasts and ports.”

He highlighted: "Dena destroyer is a redesign of Moj-class destroyers that increase the speed and agility of the navy in defending the interests of the country."

The Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics stressed: "This ship could escort and protect various vessels and units, and the Navy, owning this warship, will provide Iran with a role to ensure maritime security more than before."

Hatami added: "Our message to the countries of the region and the world is peace and friendship, and the Islamic Republic of Iran has proven to be a reliable partner and friend."


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