Turkish military forces in northeastern Syria have cut off access to the main water source for more than one million people in the province of Al Hasakah, the Syrian foreign ministry has said on Monday.

Iran Press/Middle East: "In the framework of a systematic and uncovered policy, the Turkish occupation forces have repeated cutting water off Alouk station which is considered the main source to supply drinking water for more than one million residents in Hasaka city and surrounding areas," Syria's foreign ministry said in a letter to the United Nations.

Syrian officials urged the United Nations to take action against Ankara and force the Turkish military to restore access to the water source, the letter was quoted by the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency.

The Turkish military also cut off the water supply to Al Hasakah province in March, April, and August of this past year, sometimes for weeks at a time, according to Damascus.

In April, Syria's then-water resources minister, Hussein Arnous, told Sputnik that he considered Turkey's actions to be a crime against humanity in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Officials in Damascus have sent multiple protests to the United Nations over Turkey's interruption of the water supply to residents of the northeastern province.