Wisconsin Supreme Court rejects Trump's complaint

A lawsuit filed by Donald Trump's campaign to prove widespread fraud in the Wisconsin state election was rejected by the state Supreme Court.

Iran PressAmerica: A divided Wisconsin Supreme Court on Thursday refused to hear US President Donald Trump’s lawsuit attempting to overturn his loss to Democrat Joe Biden in the battleground state, sidestepping a decision on the merits of the claims and instead ruling that the case must first wind its way through lower courts, as the Associated Press reported.

In another blow to Trump, two dissenting conservative justices questioned whether disqualifying more than 221,000 ballots as Trump wanted would be the proper remedy to the errors he alleged.

The defeat on a 4-3 ruling was the latest in a string of losses for Trump’s post-election lawsuits. Judges in multiple battleground states have rejected his claims of fraud or irregularities.

In the US presidential election, which took place on November 3 Democratic candidate Joe Biden won by 306 votes against Donald Trump with 232. 

Donald Trump's team has refused to accept defeat and has filed lawsuits in several states against what they say are electoral fraud, but these lawsuits have not been accepted in several states.

Also, in a statement, the President of the United States strongly criticized the Secretary of Justice at his administration for not finding evidence of fraud in the presidential election.

In an interview with the Associated Press on Tuesday, William Barr, an ally of Trump, confirmed that there was no evidence of widespread fraud in the presidential election that could change the outcome of the election. 219