Tehran (IP) - The ringleader of the al-Ahwaziah group confessed to having links with the Saudi regime's intelligence service and elaborated on the group's new terrorist acts in Iran.

Iran Press/ Iran News: On September 22, 2018, the terrorist group opened fire on the people watching the ceremony of Iran's armed forces' parade in Khuzestan's Ahvaz, southwest of Iran, killing 25 people and injuring more than 60 others.

The ringleader of al-Ahwaziah outfit Habib Farajullah Cha'ab, also known as Habib Usaiwid has pointed to his group's robbery of a contracting company as well as armed robbery of Saderat Bank of Ahvaz, saying: "At the very time, we began our operations with Saudi Arabia's intelligent service and held several meetings with them."

While recently trying to plan and direct a new terrorist operation, Farajullah Cha'ab was arrested by the Iran Ministry of Intelligence forces.

The terrorist outfit directly supported by the Saudi and Israeli regime's intelligence services managed its operations in Iran, despite an international arrest warrant for its leaders.  In recent years, the terrorist group planned several other operations in Tehran and Khuzestan, which failed due to the vigilance of the Iranian intelligence forces.


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