Tehran (IP) - The Secretariat of Iran's Supreme National Security Council denied the news published by some foreign media about the emergency meeting of this council.

Iran PressIran news: Some sources claimed that Iran's Supreme National Security Council has convened an emergency meeting following the news and rumors heard from Isfahan.

This morning, some local sources reported that an explosion was heard in the city of Qahjavaristan in the northeast of Isfahan.

American officials, and some news sources, including Al Jazeera, reported alleged Israeli attacks on some places in Iran, but later reports were denied.

Contrary to the rumors and claims of the Israeli media, there are no reports of an attack from abroad on Isfahan or any other part of Iran.

These sources emphasized that the Iranian air defense fired in some places such as Isfahan and Tabriz, but this was due to the high sensitivity of the air defense in the current situation and the possibility of seeing some small quadcopters.

The nuclear facility in Isfahan province is also completely safe and the report of some foreign media about the accident in this facility is incorrect. 219