Nigerian political analyst:

Bauchi(IP)- The well prominent political and security analyst in Nigeria, Dr. Comrade Abdullahi Yalwa in an exclusive interview with Iran Press has described the drones and ballistic missiles retaliatory response against Israel by Iran as legitimate.

Iran PressAfrica:  "To say the retaliatory attacks lunched by Iran on Israeli military bases, one must not contemplate the fact that Iran is one of the leading scientific countries, owing to the fact that it has a reservoir of scientists and of course, it has trained both male and female reasonable number of technologists, scientists and experts that can facilitate the development and successful application of nuclear. And by its geographical location, one can say Iran is well positioned to achieve whatsoever kind of attack on Israel as a country."

Dr. Abdullahi Yalwa further said that even though the mainstream media war will still be against Iran, that will not in any way mean that its responses are not successful or Israeli regime will not review its strategy and relationship because in the past, until now, Israel has become an ungovernable and uncontrollable country in the politics of the world.

Yalwa noted, "It just used to do what it liked, the way it liked and nobody seems to have the ability to call it to order. Even those who hate with passion what Israel does, have become toothless bulldog that barks but never bites. But with the renewed reaction from Iran, the equation has changed and the command order has changed, and Israel must rethink and will of course, come around the table and understand that nobody has the monopoly of such capability and also understand that Iran is not a country to be taken by granted by any nation in the world."

Abdullahi Yalwa, who also teaches Crime Management and Control at Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic Bauchi added that Iran's good relationship with Russia has made the influence of the United States in the world not significant.

"Russia and Iran are friends, just like America and Israel are partners in crimes which is devastating the lives and killing innocent children, attacking even hospitals without complying to any known war regulation across the globe."

When talking about the legitimacy of Iran's response, Abdullahi Yalwa said "Nobody should accuse Iran and suggest that its action was illegitimate, if such person have never seen the naked crimes of war been committed by Israel and has never attempted to call Israel to order. Any sensible nation and human being should be human enough to give the necessary support to Iran to put Israel back to senses and call it to real order."

On 1 April, the Israeli regime attacked the Iranian consulate in Syria, resulting in the martyrdom of seven people including Iran's senior military advisor, General Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a senior commander in the Iranian Revolution Guard Corps. Since then, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, and other IRGC commanders promised a harsh response.


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