Abuja(IP): In Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, on Monday, anti-Israeli protesters from the Islamic Movement in Nigeria took to the streets to condemn the US-Israeli genocide and the military and political support given to the Zionist regime by the United States.

Iran PressAfrica: The angry protestors could be clearly seen chanting different anti-Israeli slogans such as "We support Palestine, Death to America, US embassy leave our country, we are ready to die for Palestine, US embassy you're criminals," among others.

The protestors were also carrying flags of Palestine, banners and placards with various messages written, including "US stop the ongoing genocide in Gaza".

After marching through some major streets, the protestors sat at the gate of US embassy and British High Commission in Abuja, where they continued chanting anti-American, anti-Israeli slogans and later burned the flags of the United States and Israel.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Abdullahi Musa, one of the leaders of the peaceful protest said they took the protest to the US embassy and the British High Commission in order to show solidarity with oppressed people of Palestine.

"Everybody is well aware of the support given to Netanyahu most especially by the government of the United States of America. They have been providing weapons to the Netanyahu administration for killing people in Gaza. They have been providing Israeli army with food, medication and weapons including war vehicles," Abdullahi Musa said.

The activist added that the United States is a culprit and one of the major players who contributed in killing more than 31,000 Palestinians from 7th October 2023 to date. 

Apart from the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, thousands of Muslims as they started Ramadan fasting on Monday conducted the pro-Palestine protests across country.


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