Golestan (IP) - Naftlijeh pink mud volcano is considered one of the tourist phenomena of Golestan Province in northern Iran.

Iran PressIran news: Golestan enjoys many touristic natural attractions one of which is Naftlije pink mud volcano in Gomishan city of the province.

The mud volcano is located on the eastern bank of the Caspian Sea; The geological phenomenon is a cone-shaped terrain with 8 meters of height and a diameter of 500 meters, which expels slaty water along with mud and gas.  

Mud volcanoes are geological phenomena that are made from volcanic mouths; the mud comes out of the volcano because of the water vapor pressure under the volcano.

Naftlijeh mud volcano has therapeutic properties and sometimes has a purple or pink color, which indicates the presence of the mineral "iodine" in it.

The mud volcano is among the national and natural sites in Golestan.


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