Italy (IP) - The Italian people took to the streets of the capital Rome to condemn the Israeli regime's crimes against the people of Gaza.

Iran Press/Europe: More than 30,000 people in Rome staged a pro-Palestinian rally on Saturday evening while chanting "stop genocide in Gaza" in the central streets of the Italian capital city. 

They also carried placards that read "free Palestine," "stop occupation," "stop genocide," and "US must stop assistance to Israel". 

One of the participants, an Italian social activist, Osvaldo Barba, told Iran Press correspondent: "What is going on in Gaza and Palestine is indescribable; the Western countries are completely passive to the killing of innocent people of Gaza, especially women and children."

"We demand an immediate ceasefire and humanitarian aid to the residents of Gaza, because the situation in the Palestinian area is very deplorable."

The people of Gaza are killed not only by the Israeli regime's air raids but also by the regime's forces targeting them as they are in line to receive food aid. 

Anti-Israel rallies were held in Rome and other important cities in Italy at the invitation of civil organizations and NGOs.

Since October 7, due to the all-out Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, the death toll in the strip has been increasing, exceeding 31,000 while the children are coping with the starvation caused by the Israel war and blockade on Gaza.

A day before, on Friday, the Italian workers staged a 24-hour strike in Rome, to protest the livelihood problems and salary inequalities.

The workers, who were both for the private and public sectors, did not work for Friday and called on the Meloni administration to improve their salaries, welfare services, and healthcare services, protesting the reduction of public expenditures and social welfare financial credit.


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