Tehran (IP) - The new products of a knowledge-based company, a member of Pardis Technology Park, were unveiled in the presence of the Vice-President for Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy; and the Minister of Industry, Mining, and Trade. These drugs are used in the treatment of cancer and skin diseases.

Iran Press/Iran news: The CEO of a knowledge-based company, one of the member companies of Fardis Technology Park, said: "The unveiled products of this company are used in the field of cancer treatment and probiotics, which are special drugs and have been released to the market after technical procedures."

Pharmaceutical raw materials produced on this site are classified as high-risk materials in terms of health-oriented exposure limits. Production and work with these materials require international work protocols with 3-5 OEB.

By installing and deploying exclusive production equipment such as optimized isolators, all steps of synthesis of raw materials were done with OEB 4, 5 standards.

The CEO of a knowledge-based company said: "According to obtaining the GMP certificate and launching this line, there is a potential in the company to produce only three raw materials 'Edaravon, Tofacitinib Citrate and Epermelist' in the first year. Also, in addition to providing a significant part of the country's needs, 43 million dollars would be saved in currency.

The drugs ibrutinib, tofacitinib, apremilast are on average 2%-6% of the price of their counterparts from foreign brands, which will be very effective in saving currency and paying patients and insurance.

In the case of anti-cancer and immune system drugs, the special conditions of their production and the limited number of manufacturers in the world as well as the patent of the main brands will cause a dramatic increase in prices thus limiting insurance companies and patients' access, but with their production in the country, in addition to meet the patient's needs, great saving of currency would be feasible. 

It should be noted that Velgat Eczema is effective in reducing the production of inflammatory markers in the blood, Velgat D3 is effective in reducing digestive disorders and Velgat Multikids is designed to provide the vitamins needed by children are among the products that were unveiled at Bio Fermentation Company.

Also, Biobion drug is designed to prevent iron deficiency anemia and Rogit drug to empower the body's immune system were other products that were unveiled in the presence of the Minister of Health and the Scientific Vice President. 219

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