(IP)- Eleven fighter and transport planes belonging to the Iranian Air Force have undergone restoration at the Shahid Doran Air Base in Shiraz.

Iran PressIran news:  These aircraft, which include 3 PC6s, 4 Sukhoi 24s, 1 Ilyushin, and 3 C130s, have been meticulously prepared by the skilled experts at the Doran Air Base and have now rejoined the operational fleet of the Air Force.

The successful restoration of these planes was celebrated with the presence of Air Force Commander Brigadier General Hamid Vahedi, who commended the dedication and expertise of the base's personnel.

Despite facing challenges such as sanctions and resource shortages, General Vahedi praised the team for their exceptional work.

Reflecting on the Air Force's history of resilience, General Vahedi highlighted the bravery exhibited during the imposed war, emphasizing that the force's operations had thwarted any miscalculations by adversaries.

In a broader context, General Vahedi also addressed geopolitical concerns, noting that the upcoming election had become a target for external interference aimed at destabilizing the nation.

He warned Air Force personnel about the dangers of hybrid warfare orchestrated by adversaries seeking to undermine national stability.

The successful restoration of these aircraft stands as a testament to the Iranian Air Force's ongoing commitment to enhancing its operational capabilities despite external pressures.


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