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Tehran(IP): The Spokesman of Iran's Government stressed Iran's record-breaking foreign trade with a record 112 billion dollars of non-oil foreign trade volume in 1401 ( 2023). means the ineffectiveness of the sanctions

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at his weekly presser on Tuesday morning, Ali Bahadori Jahromi, The Spokesman of Iran's Government explained the 13th government's strategy for neutralizing sanctions, and the related measures undertaken. 

He stated: "The best report for the effectiveness of these measures can be seen in the record-breaking foreign trade with 112 billion dollars of non-oil foreign trade in 2023."

Ali Bahadori Jaromi further explained: "The gradual steps taken by the government in the negotiations to fulfill the definite and indisputable right of Iranians in the face of illegal and oppressive sanctions, the numerous initiatives to neutralize the sanctions with different methods, including membership in groups such as BRICS and SCO, the economic diplomacy oriented especially to gain more economic benefits, and strengthening regional diplomacy all were carried out to counter the sanctions."

Iran's top official noted: "Iran managed to hit its foreign trade record and achieve 112 billion dollars of trade value, which shows that the aforementioned initiatives have been effective."

Bahadori Jahromi added: "The path of negotiations to remove the oppressive sanctions continues and this path should be continued seriously in the future." 219

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