Tehran (IP)- The Minister of Economy has provided details on the removal of Iran's name from FATF Recommendation 7, expressing hope that this decision will lead to increased economic interactions and reduced risk for Iran.

Iran PressIran News: The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has agreed to remove Iran from the list of Recommendation 7, reversing its previous decision. This change comes after Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Ehsan Khandouzi sent a letter of protest to the president of FATF, prompting reforms and changes in standards related to United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231.

Recommendation 7 pertains to targeted sanctions related to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, requiring countries to take specific measures in line with UN Security Council resolutions. Resolution 2231, which implements the Iran nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), introduced restrictive measures including targeted financial sanctions.

Iran's compliance with Resolution 2231 is based on specific conditions, including verification by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The Minister of Economy emphasized that Iran's protest letter to FATF was successful in highlighting the violation of Iranian rights, leading to the removal of Iran's name from Recommendation 7.

In conclusion, the Minister stated that all countries have been informed about Iran's withdrawal from Recommendation 7, signaling a positive development for Iran's economic prospects. 204

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