Berlin (IP) - At least 10,000 farmers from all over Germany came to Berlin, the capital of Germany, with their tractors and trucks and protested against the austerity policies of the country's government.

Iran PressEurope: Thousands of tractors have brought Berlin's center to a standstill as farmers from across Germany protested on parliament's doorstep over rising costs and a plan to phase out agricultural fuel subsidies.

Due to budget problems and to save costs, the German government has put on the agenda the gradual cut of diesel fuel subsidies for farmers and the rollback of tax breaks for agricultural businesses.

German farmers protested the policy of the government by storming the streets of Berlin on Monday evening and attaching cartoons of their statesmen on tractors.

The protest of farmers started a week ago across Germany and has caused traffic jams in the cities, especially in Berlin.

Some media outlets put the number of protesting farmers in this demonstration at 30,000 people.

The Guardian wrote about this: An estimated 30,000 protesters, including farmers supported by a wide range of representatives from other industries from fishing to gastronomy to logistics, blocked the streets around the government quarter on Monday with their vehicles, including lorries and forklift trucks, and even children's toy tractors.


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