NATO is preparing for a possible attack on its eastern flank by Russia, which follows from a secret document of the German Bundeswehr, which was obtained by Bild.

Iran PressEurope: German magazine Bild claims that NATO is preparing for a possible Russian attack on its eastern flank. This follows from a secret document of the German Bundeswehr, which was at the disposal of the publication.

It is noted that the document of the German Ministry of Defense describes in detail a possible "path to conflict" between Russia and NATO, culminating in the deployment of hundreds of thousands of Alliance soldiers and the inevitable outbreak of war in the summer of 2025.

For security reasons, Bild does not cover all information about the number and movement of NATO troops.

According to the Bundeswehr's scenario, in February 2024, the Russian Federation will conduct another wave of mobilization and call up an additional 200,000 soldiers. After that, the Russians will launch a spring offensive against Ukraine.

Bild claimed that next, in July, Russia will launch an attack on the West. In particular, cyberattacks and other forms of hybrid warfare are expected, mainly in the Baltic states. There will be clashes, which Russia will use as a pretext to launch large-scale exercises involving 50,000 soldiers in September on its territory and in Belarus.

Further, according to the scenario, an escalation could occur in October if Russia deploys troops and medium-range missiles to Kaliningrad.

Since December, an artificially provoked "border conflict" and "riots with numerous casualties" have been taking place in the Suwalki corridor.

They note that when the United States may be left without a leader within weeks after the presidential election, Russia, with the support of Belarus, will repeat the 2014 invasion of Ukraine on NATO territory.

Then, in January 2025, a special meeting of the NATO Council will be held, at which Poland and the Baltic states will declare the growing threat from Russia.

In May 2025, according to the Bundeswehr's scenario, NATO decides on deterrence measures and on "Day X" deploys 300,000 troops to the eastern flank, including 30,000 German soldiers, to prevent a Russian attack on the Suwalki corridor from Belarus and Kaliningrad.

The scenario ends 30 days after "Day X." However, the document does not say whether NATO will deter Russia.


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