Tehran(IP): The Iranian President called unity and cohesion as the secret to Muslim's historic victory and the solution for all kinds of war orchestrated by enemies.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at the Inauguration ceremony of the 37th edition of the International Islamic Unity Conference on Sunday morning in the Iranian capital of Tehran, Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi said: "Today, the unity of the Islamic Ummah is very important. Its importance is emphasized day by day in the Islamic world. Paying attention to unity is not a sectional view, but an intellectual system centered on the right."

The Iranian president further elaborated: "The secret behind the victory of Muslims throughout history is their unity which has been centered on belief in God. Looking at foreigners and following them would lead to a reactionary and regressive course."

Raisi elsewhere stressed: "Today, the domineering system knows that Muslim people who believe in God are the most important barrier against them. They believe in dynamism and consider stoppage to be their death."

"Paying attention to the freedom of the Holy Quds and Palestine is the most important indicator for the Islamic Ummah. Seeking to normalize relations with the Zionist regime is an indicator of reactionary and backwardness for any government and official because this normalization is the wish of foreigners," stated President Raisi.

Referring to the takfiri terrorist attacks in mosques in Pakistan and Afghanistan, he added: These are the puppets of America and the Zionist regime, and this requires the unity of the Islamic Ummah against takfiris."

President Raisi then continued: A solution for enemies' hybrid warfare; media war, psychological war, economic war, and political war is unity and cohesion.

President Raisi concluded: "A new order based on justice must be formed in the world. The position of the Islamic Ummah is very important in this new order."


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