Isfahan(IP): Ebrahim Raisi planted a tree sapping in the office area of Mobarake steel complex during his visit.

According to Iran press news agency from Isfahan, President Ebrahim Raisi attended the Mubarake steel complex of Isfahan and inaugurated the Shahid Haj Ahmad Kazemi power plant.

The first gas unit of Shahid Haj Ahmad Kazemi power plant of Mobarakeh Steel Company is the first class F power plant unit of industries in the place of consumption.

The president also visited different parts of Mobarake steel in Isfahan. During his visit to this company, Ayatollah Raisi also planted a tree trunk in the office area of Mobarake Steel Complex.

Seyyed Ebrahim Raeesi, the president, arrived this morning to visit and inaugurate several projects and attend the opening ceremony of the fifth edition of the Mustafa (PBUH) International Prize at Isfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport.


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