Tehran (IP)- Iran's Vice President for Science, Technology, and Knowledge-based Economy announced that Iran's Pardis Technology Park is genuinely world-class.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at the 21st annual meeting and festival of the best of the technology parks, Ruhollah Dehghani Firouz Abadi said: PTP has an area of 470 hectares and is in the dimensions of many good global parks and has 8,000 special experts.

Firouzabadi added: Last year, Pardis Technology Park recorded a turnover of 42 thousand billion Tomans.

He concluded: We should turn the park into an innovative city with support for market development. 

 PTP boosts Iranian national pride 

Iran's President of Pardis Technology Park has increased self-confidence and national pride.

Speaking at the 21st annual meeting and festival of the best of the technology parks, Mehdi Saffarinia said that the park has cut off Iran's technical dependence abroad, and even its products were exported to more than 14 countries last year.

He added: Park companies have been able to solve many of the technical problems of the country, and their products have been able to replace dozens of products of foreign companies.

He announced that the Pardis Technology Park complex had caused the reverse migration of elites to the country, and every year, a number of Iranian elites work in the park, returning from other countries.


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