Tehran(IP)- Iran's Government Spokesman stated that Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi's aim in traveling to the United Nations General Assembly is to convey the Iranians' message which is maintaining peace, and countering terrorism.

Iran PressIran news: Ali Bahadori Jahromi said in his weekly press conference that Iranians are eager to fight unilateralism. 

Heading a high-ranking delegation, President Raeisi left Tehran for New York on Sunday to attend the annual meeting of the 78th United Nations General Assembly.

The Iranian government spokesman stated that the President will Convey Iran's message to the world.

Conveying message was called "the main agenda" of President Raisi's trip to New York.  

"Peace, justice, confronting discrimination and domination, unilateralism and terrorism, and the West's supporting terrorist groups are the messages of the Iranian nation," said the Iranian official in his press conference on Tuesday.

Iran, as one of the founders of the United Nations, expects to use its capacity to revive multilateralism and prevent unilateralism, according to Ali Bahadori Jahromi.

The UN's confrontation with the above-mentioned items would result in the participation of all countries in tackling the global concerns, added the spokesman. 

In his presser, Bahadori Jahromi stated that President Raisi would Meet with some officials, Iranian elites living in the U.S., intellectuals, and media managers.

Boycott of Iranian media; desperate attempt to suppress truth

While speaking at his weekly presser on Tuesday, the Spokesman of Iran's Government called the boycott of Iranian media a repeated desperate attempt by the West to suppress transparency and truth, signaling how they are scared.

"This clearly shows how scared Americans are of the activities of the Truth-Seeking media," Speaking at  his weekly Presser on Tuesday, Ali Bahadori Jahromi, the Spokesman of Iran's Government, added: 

Jahromi stressed: "It shows the double standards of US. These countries spends millions and billions of dollars to support media promoting violence and terrorism and false empires that are associated with its own policies, but it cannot bear to hear independent media that wants to publish a voice different from the voice of the United States."

According to Bahadori Jahromi:" It is not a new incident and it has already happened in the past and we have seen sanctions on Iranian satellite channels and they are even afraid of seeing the images of Hajj Qassem Soleimani. Against that, they support desecration of the Holy Quran and the sanctities of Muslims under the pretext of freedom of speech."

"I congratulate our colleagues at Press TV, Tasnim news agency, and Fars news agency, and this sanction shows that they published the truth and made them react." Iran's Government spokesman said.

Iran to become a regional hub for space services 

Iran's  Government Spokesman emphasized that according to the 10-year space document,  Iran will become a regional hub for providing space services, especially in the field of providing launch services by 2031.

Ali Bahadori-Jahromi, in response to Iran Press, stressed that the Chabahar space base, which is currently under construction, will become a base for international launches.

He further pointed out that with the implementation of the mentioned document, Iran will become the pro in the development of indigenous space technology in the region.

 He stated: In various other fields, including the design and construction of various types of telecommunication, sensing, and radar satellites, detailed programs have been included in the said document indicating the country's capabilities in space knowledge and existing infrastructures. 

He stated that knowledge-based companies and the private sector have also been given a lot of attention in the document.