Referring to the actions of the Zionist regime in Rafah, the leader of Yemen's Ansarullah called it a green light from the United States and considered Washington to be a partner in the crimes of the Zionists.

Iran Press/West Asia: The leader of Yemen's Ansarullah emphasized that the US gave Israel the green light to attack the Rafah crossing. The US encouraged Israel to occupy the Rafah crossing and is a partner in all the crimes of this regime. What is dangerous now is the killing of the Palestinian nation. The attack on Rafah aims to increase the suffering of the Palestinian people and further encirclement and hunger.

He said: "The occupying of the Rafah crossing by the occupiers does not only target the Palestinian people, but it is an action against the Egyptian  people and army."

Abdul Malik al-Houthi said that the US is pretending to pressure Tel Aviv while supplying it with bombs and weapons. The US has sent large shipments of weapons for mass killing in Rafah.

The leader of Yemen's Ansarullah said: America does not pay attention to student demonstrations in universities and suppresses them and treats them with violence. Arab and Islamic countries must fulfill their responsibility and take additional steps against the enemy. Arab and Islamic countries should not be spectators and should take practical steps to support Palestine.

The leader of Yemen's Houthis, Abdul Malik al-Houthi, said on Thursday the group would target ships of any company related to supplying or transporting goods to the Israeli regime regardless of their destination.

He said this was a fourth stage of escalation in retaliation to "the Israeli aggression on Rafah" in the southern Gaza Strip.

The leader of Yemen's Ansarullah emphasized: "Operations on the front of Yemen and attacks on American, Israeli, British and Israel-related ships continue." The targeted ships have reached 112 ships. During the month of Shawwal, 25 operations were carried out with 71 missiles and drones. In the fourth stage of the operation, every ship carrying goods to the enemy's ports will be targeted. When we start a certain stage, it means we have the facilities and can implement it. We are currently thinking about the fifth and sixth stages and we have important and sensitive options against the enemies. There is no red line that prevents us from running our operations.

"From now on, we are also thinking about the fifth stage and the sixth stage, and we have very important, sensitive, and influential choices on the enemies," he added.

Al-Houthi said: "The enemy only understands the language of force and the Islamic Ummah needs the power of deterrence, we are looking to do the fifth stage and in the fourth stage our reaction will be stronger and intensified. We have strategic and important options against the enemy. We are not afraid of threats and are ready for any eventuality. If every Arab and Islamic country had a proper position and cooperated, the current process would not have happened. If any Arab country wishes, we are ready to use the facilities in their warehouses against the Zionist enemy. We appreciate the positions of the Arab countries that did not allow the US to use their lands to attack our country. Some also opposed the use of their lands, which we also praise."

The leader of Yemen's Ansarallah further called for a more active position from the Arab countries adding: "With the announcement of the fourth stage, demonstrations and marches have also increased and reached 4250 marches and demonstrations. Popular and student activities and gatherings have exceeded 300,000. The number of trained and military volunteers has reached 296 thousand people and this is a good achievement that should continue.  The holding of millions of demonstrations has become the weekly schedule of millions of Yemenis. As much as the enemy does tension-causing actions, the amount of reaction should be increased. 


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