Tabriz (IP): Nasser Abu Sharif, the representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement in Iran, said that the Al-Aqsa Flood operation put all the western projects at risk of collapse. If it were not for the support of the West and the United States, the Zionist regime would have been destroyed.

Iran PressIran news: According to Iran press, Nasser Abu Sharif said on Thursday night during the Gaza night ceremony and resistance poetry held at the Unity Hall of Tabriz University: "Westerners sought to create a kind of coalition centered on Israel, which fell apart with the Al-Aqsa Flood operation and their efforts to normalize relations with Arab countries with this regime was not successful."

He continued: "Even they wanted the relations of this regime with Saudi Arabia to be normal under the Abraham Agreement, but this project also failed and fell apart."

Abu Sharif further stated: "Today the world is watching the killings and crimes of the Zionist regime in Gaza, and Gaza has become a court for human consciences, values and morals, and as a result, human justice."

He added: "It is not rational to drop so many bombs on a narrow point; Gaza has an area of 360 square kilometers, while in the last 40 days, 37,000 tons of bombs have been dropped on this city and its people, which is more powerful than three atomic bombs, and in fact, 100 kilograms of bombs have been dropped on each square meter of Gaza."

Abu Sharif said: "It is really regrettable that despite all these open crimes, some countries lie and ignore this human tragedy, and this is the peak of the moral decline of humanity."

He further added: "Al-Aqsa Flood was the biggest blow to the Zionist regime, and it is certain that after the Gaza war, the internal disputes of the Zionist regime will begin."

Abu Sharif continued: "In the current world, there is nothing uglier than the face of the Zionist regime. It kills children and women, and unfortunately the world is watching these crimes."

He added: "Of course, today the people of the world have broken their silence and this regime has lost its image, and despite the fact that most of the governments of the world are under the Zionist dominance, their voices have also been heard, and this is the biggest blow to the Zionists."

He said: "The resistance of the Palestinian people has become stronger today than ever before and has spread in the West Bank and South Lebanon."

He said: The battle of the people of Gaza belongs to the entire Islamic nation, and today the Gaza Strip is the first line of defense for Islam.

Abu Sharif also stated about the positions of the leaders of some Arab countries: "Unfortunately, unlike their own people, they seek to preserve their seats, therefore they have not taken a specific position in the Gaza war, and Iran, as the only Islamic country, has always stood by the Palestinian people at all levels and supported them."


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