Russian Intelligence:

The media office of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service reported that American politicians privately urge Israeli leadership to expedite its operations in Gaza, disregarding human casualties.

Iran PressEurope: In an official statement published by the Russian Novosti Agency, the office explained that this stance stems from the White House's concerns that the Israeli war on Gaza could negatively impact the electoral position of US President Joe Biden.

The statement added, "In the current situation surrounding Gaza, the US administration has expressed its concerns about the killing of more than 10,000 Palestinians due to Israeli army strikes, starting to call for the implementation of humanitarian truces and narrowing the areas of artillery shelling, resorting to its preferred method of double standards."

It emphasized that despite the two-faced and sympathetic American statements regarding Palestinian victims, the US discourse with the Israeli leadership behind closed doors is entirely different. They are urging Israel to expedite its military operations in Gaza and destroy the Hamas movement as quickly as possible, as prolonged operations would affect Joe Biden's election.

The statement concluded that the United States acknowledges that accelerating military operations aimed at destroying Hamas will lead to a significant number of civilian casualties, but it considers this completely acceptable.

Israeli regime's Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated on Sunday that Israel would not agree to a comprehensive and permanent ceasefire in Gaza unless it includes the release of prisoners. However, Israel is prepared for a short-term local humanitarian truce.

The Washington Post regarded Washington's policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as potentially damaging to US positions in the Middle East and internationally.

The Biden administration hopes that quickly ending the Israeli military operation will "reduce the long-term consequences for the United States." Officials believe that if Israel swiftly responds, such as by eliminating the top leadership of Hamas, the long-term repercussions for the United States will be lessened. Additionally, casualties among civilians would decrease compared to a prolonged air campaign, shifting to ground operations. 219

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